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Installing your garage door yourself

Installation of your garage door is relatively easy for the competent DIYer although two people may be required at some points to assist with door positioning and support.

As with all CE marked products (which is pretty much everything these days) it is a legal requirement that manufacturers include installation and operating instructions with all of their products.  We are pleased to say that the instructions provided by all manufacturers are clear and concise.

HOWEVER... if you are installing a door and motor for someone else then this is not DIY and there are strict legal requirements that must be adhered too!  A door fitter must be trained and competant and must issue a Declaration of Conformity to demonstrate compliance with the HSE's Machinery Directive and issue a CE label for the new assembly.

Worse still is having a carpenter fabricate a up and over door from scratch.  The manufactured door would need full CE complicance type and product testing before it woul dbe legal to fit it in the UK.  This does not apply to side hinged doors, only up and over and ESPECIALLY up and over doors that are automated.  If you want a bespoke door then we can offer an empty steel door chassis that can be populated with any material of your choice (within certain weight limits).  This is a brilliant solution because - it works - it is tested/CE marked - it is cheaper.

If you have any questions or concerns then please do not hesitate to discuss them with us

We do of course provide an installation service in the South East of England.